Vaga para Assistente Serviço ao Cliente

Work Summary

The primary target of the work is to guarantee the exhibition of an undeniable degree of client assistance with proficiency and effectiveness, significant degree of usefulness and hearty functional carefulness to accomplish the necessary help levels in all region under the immediate control of the ostensible cargo. Carry out a work culture locally

Set of working liabilities

  • Paying and getting cash: checks, single checks, explorers checks, stores and other client monetary instruments
  • Get and deal with demands for homegrown and worldwide exchanges
  • Help the Agency's depository administrations
  • Put aside installments and withdrawals with the BM
  • Give explanation to clients
  • Update existing client data set
  • Agree with account development orders

Agree with KYC prerequisites

  • Get demands for giving and obstructing charge cards, actually looking at marks and handling in the framework
  • Conveying charge and Visas and educating clients on their utilization
  • Getting and circling back to client grumblings
  • Add to client fascination and maintenance plans
  • Get, confirm, process/forward catalyst task, consenting to appointed orders.
  • Inform clients of their orders made at the counter
  • Effectively take part in the deals of the Bank's items and administrations to add to the best consequences of the Agency
  • Carry out the Bank's item and administration deals techniques
  • Sort out and record all documentation took care of with clients, after consummation of the due methodology
  • Guarantee the movement of clients to computerized channels (Absa Mobile and Internet Banking);
  • Guaranteing the viable administration of grievances prompting the goal and shutting inside the cutoff times; 24 hours
  • Guarantee the handling of client documents inside 24 hours;
  • Improve client centered client support
  • Zero in on exercises and work that can add strength to our administrations and advantage our customers
  • Advancing the advancement and improvement of the current information on our workers so we can ceaselessly further develop the assistance we give to our clients
  • Advance a client care culture zeroed in on their necessities and fulfillment, further developing communication with help areas, decreasing the TAT of reactions.


Public Certificate: Media Studies (Required)


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